Air Incu i

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The Air Incu i has been developed to provide a "womb-like" environment for premature and preterm infants all over the world.

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Air curtain
An air curtain, designed as a standard inclusion
   in the Air Incu i, minimizes temperature loss
   when a snap-open access port is opened.
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Low noise
Noise Levels in the incubator are kept to
   45dB, reducing stress levels in Neonates.

* The AAP recommends that sound levels be kept lower than 45dB in 
   NICUs and infant incubators.
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Antimicrobial panel screen
The use of an antimicrobial panel keeps
   frequently touched surfaces clean.
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Hood disassembly
The hood can be disassembled without any
   tools being required.
   Should any part of the hood be broken or
   damaged, the part can be replaced individually,
   which helps to reduce maintenance costs.
   Maintenance and cleaning/disinfection
   efficiency has improved.

Air Incu i

(Main Unit)
Atom's codeDescription
62060w/ humidity controller AC120V±10%
62061w/o humidity controller AC120V±10%
62062w/ humidity controller AC230V±10%
62063w/o humidity controller AC230V±10%

Atom's codeDescription
62070O2 Controller Unit for Air
62071Weight Monitor Unit for Air
61621SpO2 Unit (Masimo)
61622SpO2 Unit (Nellcor)

Main body : Customer specified
HL Stand : Customer specified
Main body : 600VA
HL Stand : 120VA
DimensionsMain body (w/ HL Stand) : 1015(W)x665(D)x1465-1665(H)mm
Mattress surface : 860-1060mm (w/ weight monitor : 880-1080mm)
Main body (w/ Cabinet Stand) : 1015(W)x565(D)x1570(H)mm
Mattress surface : 965mm (w/ weight monitor : 985mm)
External display : 220(W)x50(D)x140(T)mm
Mattress : 650(W)x365(D)x20(T)mm
WeightMain body : Approx. 47kg
HL stand : Approx. 35kg
Cabinet stand : Approx. 30kg