IncuArch (Transport Incubator)

Product Photo
Product Photo
Ease of treatment
・The operation panel is placed at the side of the
    infant’s head for easy observation of vital signs
    even during treatment.
・The body size has been reduced while maintaining
    the same operative field range as that of
    conventional models.
・Snap-open access ports are placed at the head and
    foot sides of the hood to enable easy access from
    both ends.

・Either Lithium-ion battery pack or Lead-acid battery
    pack can be selected.

High stability
・An infant can be secured in a particular position by
    the soft infant fixing belts (non-woven fabric) and
    the soft fence.
     *The soft fence is optional.
・Vibration during transportation is suppressed by
    the cushion rubber, reducing stress on the infant.

IncuArch                                                    Transport Incubator

Power sourceRating voltage: AC100 - 240V +/-10%
Power consumption: 220VA
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Temp setting range23.0 - 38.0℃ (0.1℃ increments)
AlarmExcessive temp, set temp, Skin temp, fan, system, low battery
(Option: SpO2 upper/lower, pulse rate upper/lower/loss, SpO 2 sensor, SpO2 cable, inernal error, O 2 upper/lower, O2 sensor)
DimensionsMain unit: W975 x D475 x H435mm
Mattress: W620 x D330 x H30mm
WeightWeight: approx. 25kg (main unit)