BILI-THERAPY Spot Type (LED Phototherapy Unit)

Product Photo
Product Photo
The phototherapy unit uses blue LEDs efficient 
  for treatment.

The unit is switchable to an observation light 
  (white LEDs) with a single touch of a button. 
  The dimmer controller on the unit is useful for 
  developmental care.
Product Photo
The arm type unit and the hood mount type unit, 
  which don’t need a stand, save space around 
  the incubator.
Product Photo


Atom’s code60361 [Arm type]
60377 [Mount type]
60360 [Stand type]
Power requirementsRating: AC100~240V
Power consumption: 30VA
Light sourceBlue light emitting diodes (LEDs)
Irradiance level30~40μW/cm2/nm (Average energy at the distance of 30cm from the light source)
DimensionsArm type: 100(W) x 13(D) x 45(H) cm
Mount type:
(Irradiation head) 12.5(W) x 33(D) x 8(H) cm
(Power source part) 14(W) x 34(D) x 11(H) cm
*Excluding the mount
Stand type: 45(W) x 71(D) x 190(H) cm
WeightArm type: Approx. 2.5kg
Mount type:
(Irradiation head) Approx. 0.8kg
(Power source part) Approx. 0.8kg
*Excluding the mount
Stand type: Approx. 12kg