Incu i Tester (Tester for Infant Incubator and Infant Warmer)

Product Photo
Product Photo
You have only to place the tester on the mattress 
  platform to easily check the temperature, the 
  oxygen concentration and the relative humidity 
  in the incubator.

Reliability is increased by comparative evaluation 
  of temperature, oxygen concentration and relative 
  humidity measurements taken by the tester against 
  the readings displayed on the incubator.

Product Photo
Use of the black body enables the measurement of 
  radiated heat of the infant warmer.

Incu i Tester

Atom’s code61639 
Power requirementsRating: AC100~240V
Power consumption: 10VA
Monitoring rangeTemperature: 23.0~40.0℃
Oxygen concentration: 20.9~65%O2
Relative humidity: 5~90%RH (no condensation)
DimensionsTester: 38(W) x 21(D) x 10.5(H) cm
WeightTester: Approx. 0.7kg