Resusci Flow (Neonatal Resuscitation Unit)

Product Photo
Product Photo
Simple operation supports manual ventilation.
  With a face mask fit on the newborn baby, the user 
  can control the inspiratory time easily by operating 
  the T-shaped flow valve.

Preset peak inspiratory pressure (PIP) and positive 
  end-expiratory pressure (PEEP) are applied each at a 
  constant level during resuscitation to ensure safety of 
  the infant.
Product Photo
The unit supports manual ventilation in various 
  situations.In addition to manual ventilation through a 
  face mask, the unit is also useful in administering 
  free-flowing oxygen and providing manual 
  ventilation through an endotracheal tube.

Optional CPR Timer
  A chime ringing every 30 seconds indicates the time
  to evaluate the neonate’s conditions. In addition, the 
  second counter counts up 6 seconds by turning on 
  the lamps one  by one to calculate the infant’s heart 

Rescusi Flow without blender

Atom’s code60362
Dimensions15(W) x 18.4(D) x 18.4(H) cm 
(excluding the bracket)
WeightApprox. 1.2kg

Rescusi Flow with blender

Atom’s code60363
Dimensions18.5(W) x 17.1(D) x 27.7(H) cm 
(excluding the bracket)
WeightApprox. 3.8kg