Atom Transcapsule V-707 (Transport Incubator)

Product Photo
Product Photo
Power is obtainable even in a high-standard 

Precise temperature control maintains the optimal 
  environment for the infant during transport. 
  The double-wall hood minimizes the infant’s 
  heat loss due to radiation.

Skin temperature monitoring, which is a standard 
  feature of the V-707, helps control the infant’s skin 
  temperature during transport.

The easily detachable hood and mattress platform 
  allow complete cleaning and disinfection of the unit.

The hood is designed to ensure good visibility for 
  easy observation of the infant.

Atom Transcapsule V-707 

      Transport Incubator

Power requirementsAC power source: Customer specified, Power consumption: 220VA
Power pack: DC12V
External DC power source: DC12V, 10A
DimensionsMain body: 95(W) x 44(D) x 42(H) cm
Mattress: 56(W) x 28(D) x 2(T) cm
Power pack: 29(W) x 17.5(D) x 25(H) cm
Cabinet stand: 97(W) x 45(D) x 74(H) cm
Hi-Low Stand: 100(W) x 45(D) x 48~80(H) cm
WeightMain body: Approx. 17kg
Power pack: Approx. 13kg
Cabinet stand: Approx. 26kg
Hi-Low stand: Approx. 28kg